The Best Drill Bits for Handyman Projects

DIY Projects: Easy to Use and the Best Drill Bits

The body of a power drill supplies the muscle, but the drill bit performs the labor of inserting screws into wood, drilling holes into metal, and punching holes into drywall or glass. You can simplify your task by doing away with the requirement for additional measurement tools by wrapping a piece of tape around the drill bit at a predetermined location. Here are the top drill bits for all of your DIY handyman projects.

IRWIN Drill Bit Set

Due to the variety and adaptability of the drill bits supplied, this package takes first place overall. You will value a kit that comes with everything you need and more, whether you are an expert or a novice. This package from IRWIN includes 29 drill bits composed of incredibly strong cobalt steel that can easily drill through even the hardest metals, including cast iron. Each bit features a split point that helps keep it from “walking” across the surface being drilled rather than entering it. That lessens the possibility of damaging the surface you’re working on and is especially useful when drilling into harder materials.

Fisch Set of Chrome Vanadium Brad Point Drill Bits

An improper drill bit can have disastrous effects when used on wood. It may lessen the item’s aesthetic value or cut the wood in a way that prevents it from supporting the screws or bolts you want to use. As the majority of the work will be seen and appreciated, wood drill bits must produce holes that are clean and orderly. A set of brad point drill bits made by Fisch consistently makes precise, clean holes.

Comoware 246-Piece Drill Bit Set

We suggest the Comoware Drill Bit Set if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a set. The kit is inexpensive, packed with a huge variety of bits, and has a ton of uses for driving and securing. Its 246 powerful and durable bits can softly punch a precise pinhole in the thinnest sheet of steel, glass, wood, plastic, or drywall or pierce the toughest of materials.

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